Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where does Uludağ University provide Preparatory English Class education?

It is provided at Ali Osman Sönmez Campus on Yeni Yalova Road.

2) What are the social facilities at the campus?

There is a canteen and a self access center for students at Ali Osman Sönmez Campus.

3) Where can I get the course books for preparatory class?

At the beginning of the each term, publishers have stands where they sell their books at the School of Foreign Languages building. You may supply your course books there or at the publishing houses.

4) Is there a compulsory attendance requirement for Fall, Spring and Summer terms?

Yes, there is a minimum 80% of compulsory attendance requirement for each term for Preparatory English Classes.

5) Can I take the Proficiency Exam at the end of the year if I exceed the compulsory attendance limit?

Students exceeding %80 of compulsory attendance limit can not take Proficiency Exam at the end of the year.

6) Is there a make up examination for English Proficiency Exam??

There are no make up exams for the students who have not taken English Proficiency Exam for any reasons. It is the same for all Proficiency exams at the end of semesters. In addition, the students enrolling in the School, who have not enter the Placement Exam at the beginning of the fall term, start at the lowest level classes.

7) Is there a summer school?

We provide education in summer if there is a sufficient number of enrolled students.

8) Is there a compulsory attendance requirement for the Summer School?

There is a minimum 80% of compulsory attendance requirement for the Summer term as for the other terms.

9) What is the use of Preparatory English Class?

Our university sends students abroad in the context of Erasmus Program. Students are expected to know English to be able to apply for this program.

10) Where can students enrolling in the Preparatory Class re-register ?

Students attending the Preparatory English Class do not need to re-register. They are automatically continue their education. However, if the students fail in the Fall and Spring terms, they enroll in the Summer school at the Registrar's Office.

11) What kind of facilities do you have at Ali Osman Sönmez Campus?

Our students can study at the self access center and use the sources there. Also, we have Wi-Fi for the use of students.

12) Are there food services at Ali Osman Sönmez Campus for students?

There is a canteen and a dining hall at the campus. As Merkez Shopping Center near our School offers different types of food as well.

13) Are there health facilities at Ali Osman Sönmez Campus for students?

There are not healthcare personnel at the campus but 112 Emergency service is consulted in case of need. Students coming from outside Bursa register for the primary care physicians at the Medico Social Facility at Görükle Campus and consult to emergency services in our University Teaching Hospital.

14) How can I track my absenteeism?

Students' absence rates are announced periodically on our website.

15) Are there any other exams conducted by School of Foreign Languages ?

Erasmus and Proficiency Exams are performed twice a year.

16) Food

Students attending our School can benefit from the two dining halls situated at the basement of Block A at the School. They enjoy the opportunity to have healthy lunches which serve meals defined and controlled by the Directorate of Alimentation and special dietitians between 11:30- 13:00 at very cheap prices. They pay quite reasonable prices for these meals composed of 3-4 courses. The rest of their costs are covered by the University. If they like, students can buy meal cards weekly, which saves more money.

Besides, there is a canteen located at Ali Osman Sönmez Campus. Alternatively, students can eat at the restaurants, patisseries and the cafes available in a shopping center which is very close to the campus.

17) Accommodation

Students attending our School can reside in public and private dormitories. Güler-Osman Köseoğlu and Ali Osman Sönmez Dormitories, situated at Uludağ University Görükle Campus, are for girls only. Again, Rabia-Rıza Biçen Dormitory at Görükle and Nilüfer Hatun Students' Dormitory at our Ali Osman Sönmez Campus serve for both girls and boys at separate floors.

Students staying in these dormitories can also benefit from the canteen, TV halls, laundries, clothes driers, and ironing rooms. Costs of hot water, heating, and electricity are included in the monthly fees. They can use the washing machines, irons, and vacuum cleaners at specific prices. Students are responsible for cleaning of their rooms. Janitors do the cleaning of shared areas.

Rabia-Rıza Biçen Öğrenci Yurdu 0224 4428667 - 0224 4428959
Nilüfer Hatun Öğrenci Yurdu 0224 4228510 - 0224 4428511
Güler-Osman Köseoğlu Kız Öğrenci Yurdu 0224 4429217 - 0224 4428473
Ali Osman Sönmez Kız Öğrenci Yurdu 0224 2615593 - 0224 2615594
Yenişehir Halil Orhan Öğrenci Yurdu 0224 7732518