Uludağ University

School of Foreign Languages

Course Distribution for Levels

ELEMENTARY 7 7 5 5 2 26
INTERMEDIATE 7 4 5 4 2 22

General Information on Courses

Course duration is 45 minutes for Preparatory English Class Program. There are reading, writing, grammar, and listening and speaking courses for each level. The number of total course hours and their distribution are different for every level. The instructor of the Listening and Speaking course is also the advisor instructor of the class. Apart from the lesson time, students can ask questions related to the courses during office hours of their advisor instructor. Office hour is defined by the advisor instructor taking into account the timetable of the class and the instructor, and announced to the class.


The goal of the Reading course is to make it possible for the students to gain skills for comprehension and interpretation of texts, essays and articles written in English. Reading texts on various subjects are attractive and authentic. Many activities to improve the vocabulary knowledge of the students are practiced. In the course book there are comprehension questions related to the texts, true-false exercises, discussion parts that develop the skills to use the foreign language and revision questions at the end of each unit. Students can analyze, comprehend and interpret the sources they will use during their academic studies easily by the help of this course.


Writing Course are guide courses for students to express their feelings and opinions in writing using a standard composition form and according to correct grammatical and punctuation rules. The book for the writing course has been chosen as per the criteria of TOEFL which is valid in many countries around the world. The students learn how to write a composition properly by means of induction method stating from sentence formation to paragraph and then to composition with useful examples. Different types of essays that can be encountered in academic studies are introduced and writing rules are explained. Punctuation and spelling rules, conjunctions and page layout are also illustrated in this course.


Students learn fundamental grammar rules of English, sounds, the structure of words and sentences, and tenses in detail with lectures, useful examples and exercises in grammar courses. In addition by means of examples in the course, students learn some expressions used in modern English and daily life.

Listening and Speaking

Listening and Speaking course is of special importance with the shift from grammar and accuracy oriented foreign language learning methods to clarity and fluency oriented new methods. This course helps students gain skills to transfer their feelings and opinions fluently and without any hesitations in their foreign languages. Apart from their main sources, they also have different materials, interesting subjects and current issues to talk about in the class. Students make a presentation to be decided by themselves before the class each term. This presentation is evaluated in the context of in-class success points.

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